Here at Deano Designs Perth, almost all of my work is ‘make to order’, this means I make my standard sized products in the fabric colours you want to put together.

I like to offer this service so that you, the customer, can choose the colour scheme for your pet’s cage or enclosure – a scheme you want, not in set combinations some suppliers will let you have.


There’s loads of different cages and enclosures available.

The items to fit your particular needs may already be part of our standard range…. but if they are not, then you’ll need them CUSTOM MADE to fit.

So if you need items made to fit a certain cage layout, and it’s not listed in our standard size range on the website –  this is where to start.





Having products custom made to fit your actual cage, hutch or enclosure is easy. It’s all about measuring.

There’s FIVE simple steps to get a custom order done:


Step 1: REQUEST A QUOTE –  Email me with your measurements and if you need to show me a layout of the cage, a simple diagram can help me. Please use metric, and measure the internal areas you want to cover (fleece cage liners). Your diagram will need to show the doors and ramp access gaps if you need them catered for.

Step 2:  I will email you back with a quote, and confirm any details required.

Step 3:  ACCEPT OR MODIFY – Confirm that you’re going ahead with the order, and email me your fabric selections for the items. This is also the time to give me any special instructions for your custom order.

Step 4:  I PLACE AN ICON IN THE SHOP FOR YOU – I will create a CUSTOM ORDER item in the SHOP section of the website for you. It will show details of the items we have discussed, price and any other instructions you gave me. It will also show if i have included postage or not in your quoted price. – Please check the details are all correct before making your payment.

Step 5: PAY FOR YOUR CUSTOM ORDER – Go to the SHOP page, find your custom item and add it to your cart, then proceed thru to the checkout. Your CUSTOM ORDER will look like this pic below, and show your name also.


ALL CUSTOM ORDERS/ITEMS must be paid for in full, before I allocate fabrics from my stocks, and sewing spot in the queue.

This is because the item you ordered for your cage, will be of no use to anyone else so I cannot sell it to recoup fabric costs.

I can at my discretion change this for your order.

You can add other items from the website and pay for them all together in a single transaction, no problem.


POSTAGE FOR CUSTOM ITEMS: As your item is a custom size, I have no accurate weight to use for postage calculation until it is actually made. Sometimes, I may ask for some postage upfront, and then once the item is finished, and weighed, I can refund any overpaid postage, or you can pay any shortfall before mailing.


The checkout here on the Deano website is Paypal Express. A secure gateway between your bank and my bank.

I cannot see or access any of your card information, that’s securely held by Paypal.

You can use your Paypal account, use Paypal as a guest if you do not have an account, PAYPAL ‘PAY-IN-4″ or use a credit card.

IMPORTANT: I cannot remake or refund items that do not fit because the measurements you provided were incorrect.

Accurate measuring will ensure you get the right fit, and we’ll both get the right result :).