Enjoy a FREE GIFT with your order when you spend over $200 online with Deano Designs Perth!

All you need to do is place an order through the Deano website that totals over $200 in products(not including postage)

When you reach over $200 in your cart,  a pop-up screen will appear, where you can select 1 out of 6 gift choices!

How awesome is that? These are specially selected items that my customers love!





All Free Gifts are readymade, and are in random colours & fabrics – just like a lucky dip!  – (Not made to order)

Choose ONE of these great products as your FREE gift, to say “Thanks for ordering”



    The FREE GIFT items are: Choose one only.

                  Square hammock 30cm (Value $12.95)                                    Pig Pillo 30cmx30cm  (Value $16.95)

                  Soaker Pad rectangular 36x20cm (Value $ 9.00)                     Soaker pad square 30cx30cm (Value $9.50)

                  Washbag 80x60cm (Value $8.00)                                             C&C Ramp liner (Value $13.50)


NOTE: The FREE GIFT OFFER screen will pop up ONCE during checkout if you do choose your FREE GIFT ITEM, and then go back in and change the order by removing or adding items, the popup window will not return again.

* * * If you have ordered over $200 in products (without freight), and the free gift has not been added, please email me straight away, and let me know which one you’d like included. 

The FREE GIFT OFFER is available per order/transaction, not offered over several cumulative transactions.

DISCLAIMER: The FREE GIFT OFFER criteria has been altered on 30th July 2022 the $ amount to qualify has changed from $150 to $200, in line with price increases over past 2 years. (It’s been $150 since back in 2013)


 CONDITION  – Choosing a FREE GIFT is of course, optional for all customers. If you do not choose a gift during checkout, the opportunity is forfeited.