Deano Designs Perth is a home based Registered Australian business, created, owned and operated by me.

I started this venture in January 2013. I have been involved in the pet industry in both wholesale and retail sectors for over twenty five years.

Yes of course, we also supply a GST compliant Tax Invoice with every order.
Deano Designs Perth has been a registered business in Western Australia since 2013, also registered for GST with the ATO.

All of the products you find here are made by me at my home in Perth, Western Australia.
I do not sell products that have been manufactured by other people, or purchased elsewhere.
I hand-make all my products myself, so I can ensure a quality product, each and every time.


City Barn Malaga (1904 Beach Road, Malaga, Western Australia) has a big range of small animal products.

They have a Deano Designs Perth rack located next to the main sales counter area. They stock several of the standard size Fleece Cage Liners, Soaker Pads, Cuddle Sacks, Sleepy Sacks, Hay Holder Bags, Lap Pads and more.


There is a page with a video and some text tips on How to place your order.     

FIRSTLY  REGISTER yourself as a customer. Enter your delivery address, password etc. The Australia Post plugin uses this information to calculate postage for your order.

NEXT  – go to FABRIC CHOICES page to view our fabrics. Jot down selections, or take a photo of the page so you can refer to it while you order your products thru the website.

CHOOSE YOUR GOODIES: Start on the SHOP page. Scroll down, choose the CATEGORY – then choose the size, fabrics etc and load your cart..

CHECKOUT: Once you have all your items in the cart, you can pay with Paypal, use Paypal as a guest, Pay-in-4(Four payments) or a credit card.

POSTAGE: I use Australia Post (Parcel post) – Postage prices are calculated based on the total weight of your order and your postcode.

FREE GIFT OFFER: If your order totals $150 or more(without postage), when you view the cart page you will be prompted to make a choice of a FREE GIFT item! Please note – ALL gifts are in random fabric. One free gift per order.

If you require help, please visit the Contact Us page to contact me, I’m always more than happy to help wherever I can.

On the homepage menu, see ‘Fabric Choices‘, click it to browse the current stock of fabric choices.

Each fabric has a name underneath the image, either jot down the name, perhaps take a photo of the page so you can refer to it whilst placing your goodies into the cart.

On each product you load into the cart, the fabric options will drop down and you select them as instructed,.

Most products have 2 fabric choices, these can be the same or different.

Note: I am actively removing and adding fabrics I have, if I have run out of the fabric you wanted when it is time for me to cut your order out –  I will contact you for another choice.

Sorry, I am not a contract dressmaker, thus do not sew your products from your own supplied fabrics.

My average production time is 10-14 working days of your payment being received.

This timeframe can of course vary. It’s really dictated by what the customers in front of you order.

Orders with many items to cut out and make, take me longer to complete. Other times I get many small orders, so completion time can be quicker than I have mentioned.

Please Note: I work in a queue system: ie first order in is first order out. This way, it’s fair for everyone whether you place a large or small order, everyone gets processed in turn, no one pushes in or gets pushed back.

I work this way so those that ask for particular fabrics first, get first option on the stock I have on hand.

I hand make all the items myself – so my products are made to a high standard each and every time.

I sew FOUR full days per week. I am a mum, so do not sew for the business on weekends, that’s family time 🙂

Please remember – your order is placed thru the checkout and paid via your chosen method, I am unable to go in and alter items, quantities etc for you.

I accept Payments through a Secure PayPal Checkout. PayPal Checkout is a well known and extremely secure payment gateway. Its a safe and secure link between your bank and my bank.

PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARDS: This allows you to use your own PayPal account, use Paypal as a guest, or you can use your MasterCard or Visa credit card.

You do not require a PayPal account to use your credit card to pay thru our website checkout.

DIRECT DEPOSIT/EFT: From your bank to my bank – yes of course. Simply email me a list of your goodies you want made, include your fabric selections and mailing address – I will work out a total, and you can pay via direct deposit instead.

Email: [email protected]

Yes, Paypal in 4 – this is available as a pay later option. Four spread payments, no interest, no late fees.

Yes – If you are in Perth and want to pay for your order in cash when you collect, I can do this.The amount and items must be confirmed before I start making the order.

* * It is at my discretion if I will make an item on the promise of cash payment at pickup. I reserve the right to limit the purchase amount for orders.

NOTE: At completion, you will be notified by email that your order is ready for payment/collection. You will have 7 days to pay/collect the order from me..

After that time, if you have not responded or collected as arranged, the order is cancelled –  the goods will be placed upon the Facebook page for general sale to the public – this is to recoup the time and fabrics it cost me to make your order.

CUSTOM ITEMS: I reserve the right to charge you or CUSTOM SIZED items to be made UPFRONT. Custom sizes are to suit your cage, not suited to someone else’s cage, to recoup fabric/time costs if you don’t collect..

Don’t stress! I get this question all the time! Having a liner made to fit your cage is simple.

MEASURE: First, measure the internal areas your cage. If you have a odd shape or need gaps for ramps cut into the liners, a rough drawing can help immensely. Then email it to me for a quote.

CONFIRM GO AHEAD:  Advise me if we are going ahead with your order, and send thru your fabric selections.

PAY UP FRONT: I will create a product in “CUSTOM ORDER” with your name on it, in the SHOP section. There you will find your order bundled, click the ‘add to cart’ button, pay as usual. You can add other items to your order after the custom one, no problem. I charge upfront as the custom item is to fit your particular cage, I cannot on sell it to recoup costs.

For more tips on having a custom order made, CUSTOM ORDERS – How to order


All of the products on the website have individual weights. Once all of your items are in the cart, the built in Australia Post plugin works out the postage due.

I send parcels via parcel post – this is a road service, not express, not air service. I do not offer express satchels as often the products simply do not fit into them.

I do not make money on postage, what you pay when you place an order is paid out by me again when I mail it.

I do not charge you for postage satchels, labels, invoices, or driving your parcel to the post office to lodge it personally – I do this for free.

Yes you can!
Just place your order and pay in the usual way, if you are local just select “Local Pick Up” as a postage option – There is NO FREIGHT FEE if you pickup your order.

My workshop is located in Ballajura, 12km north of the Perth CBD.

UNPAID ORDERS: PICKUPS/Payments after 4pm weekdays, or on weekend by arrangement.

PAID ORDERS: If paid, I have a box out front I can pop your order into, so you can call in and collect at a convenient time.

Before you choose this option, please consider how far it is to travel to collect the parcel – postage can work out cheaper than a road trip.

If this happens, don’t panic. Just let me know and I can go to the website and remove your customer information that you supplied last time you ordered. Then you can just register yourself/login again just like a first time user. Easy.

The best review a business can get is a voluntary one – where the customer is not expecting any reward for giving their opinion, or rating the service/product they purchased.

Some businesses however, will contact you and request you to give a review or rating on each and every item you bought, with a reward sometimes being offered on a later purchase or similar for doing so.

All this really does is make the total number of reviews on your business website homepage look really, really big – with multiple reviews from the same person as they have had to review all items.

Here at Deano, if you have any concerns with the products I made for you, please get in touch with me directly.Info on the contact us page: Contact Me

On the other hand, if you feel you would like to review the products, service, workmanship etc, you are most welcome to do so on our website, Facebook page, or a Google review. We welcome feedback in any form, but will not make you feel obligated.

In order to use the Kangaroo logo on products you make/sell, you need to pay a fee to the Government body that owns it. To apply, you submit invoices from your suppliers that you buy the components from, and basically tell them how you turn the components into the different end product. The materials can be from Australia or overseas –

FOR EXAMPLE: polyester fleece (Made in China) and the core material (Made China/overseas) and if they’re sewn together here in Australia – that’s how they class them as AUSTRALIAN MADE. Just another fee for a government body.    Simple $$$ – to be honest, is it really Australian Made?