Deano Wash bags 90x60cm (New size)


Choose your 90 X 60CM POLYESTER WASH BAGS by colour.


Deano Wash bags

These polyester mesh wash bags can help keep the rubbish out of your washing machine when you clean your fleece bedding.

Made from polyester, with a simple drawstring closure, these bags will trap most of the hair, hayseeds, grass, or poops that you don’t manage to brush off the fleece before washing.

Of course, they will not stop all the bits getting into your machine, they will reduce it.


For best results, always try and remove as much hay, poop and hair from the items being washed, before placing them into the washing bag. A good stiff dustpan or rubber brush works a treat, rubber mitts, or vacuum cleaning works too.

Smaller items can be damaged by normal washing – the bags will ensure they do not get tangled during the cycle.

The principle is the same as those little mesh bags you have for washing delicate items such as bras and lace lingerie, the mesh bag prevents them getting snagged and ripped during the wash cycle with other bigger items.

The NEW STOCK FEB 2024 bags are 90cm tall and 60cm wide, big enough to stash loads of stuff in – but the secret to making the bags work, is not to load them with too much.
You want the wash water/soap to be able to flow freely thru the bag, and to rinse away the dirt. Folded cage liners will not wash – unfolded and packed in loose works best. So if you’re using a smaller bag for big liners, and washing them folded, they’re not washing effectively.

NOTE: An overloaded wash bag will simply be a giant soggy cloth ball, it may cause your machine to become unbalanced, and the yucky stuff in the middle will not get clean.

AFTER WASHING: Take the mesh wash bag out of the machine and head outside to the clothesline. Release the toggle and open the bag. Remove the items and peg onto the line as usual.

If you do notice any hair or bits of rubbish on the items, brush it off with a dustpan brush or bristle brush – these items actually brush better when damp than when dry.

All done, shake out the bag if there’s any rubbish left behind like hay or hair, peg it on the line to dry for next washing day.


For those items that are a bit hard to peg, like cosy beds, foam beds etc – wash them, then pop them into the wash bag, and peg it onto the clothesline.

Allows air to dry the items, and the drips to escape, works great.


Washing soft toys, fabric pet beds and blankets, pet hammocks, never lose another sock!

Weight: 80g

Size: 90cm x 60cm wide

Colours:  Black or White only

Made: Manufactured in China.

Price $ 18.95 each  – or get one as a FREE GIFT by purchasing $200+ of Deano products.

POSTAGE RATES: I have been asked why the cost to mail these is $10.60(parcel post) and not $2.00 if sent as a letter. – It’s simple, the bags have a plastic toggle to close them, thus this part of the bag is too fat to fit through the letter slot scale at the post office. Thus they are considered to be a SMALL PARCEL not as a letter.




Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg

90x60cm white, 90x60cm black

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