Furniture protection liners


NOTE: In this category, the size range will be dictated on a case by case basis – there are simply too many variables to make a stock standard list.

So, if you have FLAT areas you would like me to quote on, just send them thru.

The liners will have a right side and wrong side, due to the waterproof layer being underneath the absorbent layer.

Please EMAIL me with your sizing for a quote.

Once finalised, I can create an CUSTOM ITEM here in this section, so you can make your payment, and join the sewing queue

FLEECE OPTIONS: Choose your favourite for the top side – and perhaps a plain for the back.



We all love to spoil our pets – and if you have outlaid a good amount of money on wooden cages, pens, breeder boxes, climbing towers or pet castles – then you’ll want to protect them from the inevitable stains, accidents, and grime associated with pets using them over time.

Deano Designs Perth have been making fleece bedding products since 2013 – so we are experienced in making all kinds of shapes and sizes in fleece cage liners.

So, if you would like to protect the flat surfaces of your bunny castle, cat tower, breeder boxes etc – why not have liners made to fit your needs. All custom made, in the sizes you require.

WHAT IS A FLEECE CAGE LINER: Fleece cage liners usually have three layers – fleece top and bottom, with an absorbent core layer in between. Liquids are drawn into the middle and help, no leaks.

However, as we are dealing with timber, which can stain and rot with prolonged exposure to liquids, we’ll add a heavy duty waterproof layer in there too – creating a four layer liner, that will also hold it’s shape better and stay in place.


WHAT SIZES DO DEANO MAKE? – Any size or shape you need.



HOW TO ORDER – Simply measure the sizes of the area you want to cover, perhaps do a drawing/sketch showing the measurements, and email to us for a FREE QUOTE – [email protected]

Once quote is accepted and fabrics finalised, I can create a CUSTOM ORDER item in the website shop, so you can make your payment, easy.

Your order then joins the sewing queue.


PRICING GUIDE – there are simply too many variables to create a stock standard list of sizes, most times, they will not suit what you need.

As a guide, these furniture liners, with their FOUR layers, will be slightly more than my regular 3 layer fleece liners.

Wall hex hub 40x30cm
Cat box 32x35cm
Litter pan Kmart 25x35cm
Kombi 80x30cm rectangle
Large Casa Top 35x27cm

Bottom 35x45cm

Standard Casa 24x28cm Tower

28x33cm Landing

Condo 25x50cm


Stair hide 52 x28 x35 front


Cat hammock square 60x60cm square hammock + clips
Single piggy tower 38cm square hammock (No clips)
Twin piggy tower 2ea 40cm square hammock (No clips)


there are several other items also….


FABRIC OPTIONS: We have around 25 fleece prints plus plain colours for you to choose from. These are all shown on our FABRIC CHOICES page here on the website.

CHOOSING FLEECE FABRICS FOR YOUR LINERS/HAMMOCKS: Pattern/print placement and direction cannot be guaranteed.

Choose FLEECE FABRIC #1 for the top (facing up) and FLEECE FABRIC #2 for the back/underneath.



Deano make regular fleece liners for all kinds of cages and enclosures including C&C/Kmart grids and Kavee cages.


Custom size orders are always welcome.


The photos shown here are from a Perth local business called ALL ABOUT ANIMALS

Jason and his family are passionate and talented craftsmen, that know their stuff when it comes to working with wood. They make a wide range of pet related pens, barriers, breeder boxes, hay feeders, cat cubbies, climbing towers and so much more.

They have given me permission to use their pics here, and to provide links to their services. Jason has dealt with some of my Deano customers, and they have been delighted in the results.

Website and contact details:

Weight N/A

Wall hex hub 40x30cm, Cat box 32x35cm, Kmart litter pan 25x35cm, Kombi 80x30cm, Large Casa 35x27cm, Large Casa 35x45cm, Std Casa 24x28cm, Std Casa 28x33cm, Condo 25x50cm, Condo 25x48cm, Cat hammock 60cm, Single tower hammock 38cm, Twin tower 2pce hammock 40cm, Corner Stair Hide, Digging box 50x53cm, Rabbit Castle 40x38cm, Tunnel 81x17cm

Fleece Fabric #1

Airmail, Balloon animals, Black, Blossoms, Blue dots, Bright Pink, Bubblegum, Bunnies peach, Camel, Camo, Chocolate, Crochet, Daisy, Denim, Donuts white, Fantasy, Ferns, Flutter, Forest, Geometric grey, Grey, Mid Blue, Navy, Pansies, Paua, Paws multi, Purple, Random, Random boy, Random girl, Red, Snowy trees, Tartan, Tiedye blue, Twilight, Undersea, Yellow

Fleece Fabric #2

Airmail, Balloon animals, Black, Blossoms, Blue dots, Bright Pink, Bubblegum, Bunnies peach, Camel, Camo, Chocolate, Crochet, Daisy, Denim, Donuts white, Fantasy, Ferns, Flutter, Forest, Geometric grey, Grey, Mid Blue, Navy, Pansies, Paua, Paws multi, Purple, Random, Random boy, Random girl, Red, Snowy trees, Tartan, Tiedye blue, Twilight, Undersea, Yellow


Richard Pepperell
Richard Pepperell
Arrived quickly. Quality product.
Taj Al-Thifairy
Taj Al-Thifairy
Always a great experience purchasing from Deano Designs, my guinea pigs absolutely love the soft beds and tunnels. They're easy to clean and come in such cute designs.
Georgia M
Georgia M
Definitely a return customer of Deano Designs. Robyn has been great to work with and communicates well and is happy to help with custom pieces. Would recommend to anyone in need of Guinea pig/ small animal bedding. I have my liners and accessories on rotation! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
Laura McCosker
Laura McCosker
I purchased 8x cage liners - these are fantastic products! I use them over VetBed and they keep my piggies so dry and comfortable. They have also cut back on my cleaning time. They fit the C&C cages with a tiny bit of overlap, which means hay/droppings can't fall down the sides and make a mess. The whole lot can be easily rolled up, taken outside, and shaken into a bin. They're heavy enough that they stay in place and don't need to be pegged to the side of the C&C cages like plain fleece, but also light enough that they're not a big load on my washing machine. Outdoors, they dry in a few hours and are ready for re-use. Very well-sewn compared to others I've tried, with quality fleece. Quick and fully trackable shipping across the country.
Lyn D'Ath
Lyn D'Ath
I'm very happy with my order that arrived today. Can't wait to see what my babies think. They love having a cleaned house every day. This will make my job so much easier. Robyn your products are so well made. Thankyou for you friendly, wonderful service.
Cuppa Kopi
Cuppa Kopi
Perfect every time. We were introduced to Deano Design Perth when we adopted our Guinea pigs from the Gold Coast Guinea Pigs Rescue. We had only ordered from here. Robyn is so accommodating and her products are the best in the market. Ignore the review from people that have not tried her products. If you have tried her products, you will definitely come back for more. Like most of us. Keep doing what youโ€™re doing best, Robyn
Gus Jeanne
Gus Jeanne
These fleece liners by far the best investment you can make when having guinea pigs. Super absorbent and what blows me away the most is that when it comes time to wash them, after a spin dry they dry on the line in about half an hour. They make life so much easier come cage cleaning day. I only wish I knew how good they were when I first got my pigs. The owner is a lovely lady as well and also does pig grooming and is generous and not pushy with advice
Jessica Eke
Jessica Eke
I've been purchasing my guinea items from Deano for years, the very first items I got are STILL in perfect condition, not one loose thread and super absorbent. My guineas love their beds so much that I have to have multiple items in the cage, else there's a royal rumble over who gets the best seat in the house :)
Jane Z
Jane Z
Good products, and our first order lasted 6.5 years! On to the next set of liners...keeping our piggies dry and comfortable.