Potty pads/Drip pad SETS – READYMADE


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Our potty/soaker/pee pads are made the same way as our terrific fleece liners.

Easy to pop under those drippy bottles, cubbies, or the ‘wet’ corner of your pets cage.

Here you’ll find READYMADE SETS – they are all shown in the gallery below – choose the ones you like by the code number under the photo.


To order potty pads  MADE-TO-ORDER in your choice of fleece, as singles or sets, go here: Potty pads; singles and sets


Not fussed on colours or patterns – how about a RANDOM SET instead – choose just random, random boy or girly prints instead.


BELOW – READYMADE 2pce SETS 30x30cm  $26 set

BELOW – READYMADE 2PCE SETS  36CMX20CM  $ 24.00 a set



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RANDOM BOY 2PCE 36X20, RANDOM GIRL 2PCE 36X20, RANDOM BOY 2PCE 30X30, RANDOM GIRL 2PCE 30X30, RANDOM 2PCE 30×30, RANDOM 2PCE 36X20cm, B23, 30X30 F, 36X20 1, 36X20 2, 36X20 4, 36X20 7, 36X20 9, 36X20 10, 36×20 11, 36×20 12, 36×20 13, 36×20 14, 36×20 15, 36×20 16, 36×20 17, 36×20 18, 36×20 19, 36×20 20