These are al PREMADE – it’s a way to use my offcuts.

Each PUDDLE PACK has three pads in it, all random prints and plains.

See the list midway down the page, and see which PUDDLE PACK SET will fit your Deano item.

ALL ARE IN RANDOM PRINTS & PLAINS – these are not made to order in chosen fabrics.


PUDDLE PACKS – Set of 3 washable pads, to fit inside our snuggly items.

Deano Cuddle sacks, Bonding bags and Sleepy/Summer sacks do not have an absorbent layer sewn in, if they did, they would need to be washed every single use.

Your pets would be stuck in a wet and soggy sack, not good for you or them.

Fleece is not absorbent, it allows liquids pass thru, leaving the sack interior dry for your pet.

NEW: May 2021, we have introduced a set of PUDDLE PADS for our Cuddle sacks, Sleepy/Summer sacks, and the medium sized Bonding bags too.

. It’s a set of 3 easycare, washable potty pads, in random prints/colours


Which PUDDLE PACK suits my Deano product?


SQUARE SET – suits Summer sack, Sleepy sack. Bonding bags medium

ROUND BOTTOM SET medium – suits our regular/medium size Cuddle sack

ROUND BOTTOM SET Xlarge – fits our XL size Cuddle sacks


and now available for our DELUXE POUCHES (Launched July 2022)

MEDIUM SQUARE for the Medium Deluxe Pouch

RECTANGLE XLARGE for the XLarge Deluxe Pouch







A set of 3 easycare washable potty pads in RANDOM PRINTS AND COLOURS

* * Deano Cuddle sacks have a rounded bottom, so the Puddle pads do also.

* * Our Sleepy/Summer Sack, Bonding bags Medium are same size, so take a square pad instead.

So, why not dress up your cuddle sack or sleepy sack, fun for everyone!




These are a way I use up my small fabric scraps – you might get fabrics from the current range, or fabrics from last year – it’s a random mix each bundle.

It could be a mix of girl and boy prints, or all plains – like a lucky dip!


Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg

PACK 3 Cuddle sack M size, PACK 3 Sleepy sack size, PACK 3 Bonding bag M size,, PACK 3 Cuddle sack XL, PACK 3 Deluxe Pouch Medium, PACK 3 Deluxe Pouch XLarge