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NEW 11th NOVEMBER 2021



Ice brick covers are an item that many folks use to prevent their cages becoming a slushy mess as frozen bricks and water bottles thaw, and dribble condensation into the bedding over a warm day.

Some people need to use them to prevent their pets becoming wet from the dribbles, particularly for rabbits as they do not cope well with being wet.

Wrapping the ice brick or frozen bottle in a cloth can sometimes work, however, many pets get curious, or just plain naughty, and pull things apart, getting themselves all tangled and they end up not being able to enjoy it at all. A fitted cover will allow pets to get close to the comfort of the ice item.

LICKING: As the bottle thaws, the dribbles are quite okay for pets to drink and lick, it’s only water. No damage will occur to tongues as the surface is already wet.

PROTECT FEET: Little feet are sensitive to extreme temperature, so fabric covers are a great way to protect tiny feet from getting too cold, too quickly.

Thawing bottles can affect bedding such as carefresh, wood shavings, hemp and newspaper. Water makes it wet, and it simply stays wet, so needs to be replaced.


HOWEVER – if you are using fleece cage liners, they’ll soak up the dribbles off the bottles, thus leaving the floor dry to touch for your animals. (Here at Deano we make liners for every type of cage and hutch). Check out how and why fleece bedding can work for you – Link: About Fleece

Cooling your pets during warmer weather is very important – something cold to lay against, or to lick during the warmer days can make a huge difference to their well being.
So whether you use a frozen water bottle alone, in a cover, an ice brick wrapped or unwrapped, is entirely up to you.
Do what works for your pet, your pets home, and your budget for both time and money.


For those seeking a cover for the brick to protect their pets feet from being too cold on contact.

The fleece will wick liquids away from the brick, and there will be some condensation inside the cover – however, the outside will remain dry to touch – but coolness can be felt through it.

Fleece is quick to air dry.

FOR WATERPROOF COVERS, they have their own section, click link: ICE BRICK COVERS WATERPROOF


Despite several enquiries about cotton covers, no one ordered them, so I will not offer them in summer 2022/23



  • * * * Customer feedback will determine if the range grows, is tweaked or is removed.


The first three sizes are:

These ice bricks are all available at Bunnings –
ICE BRICKS ARE NOT INCLUDED – I will make fabric covers only.
LARGE SLIM           32x20cm x 1.7cm thick
LARGE CHUNKY        20x12cm x 4cm thick
SMALL SLIM           16x12cm x 1.7cm thick

All of these are common sizes, you may find the ones you already have at home will be very similar.

As fleece fabric is stretchy to a degree, covers for these may fit others as well.

NOTE: The Esky SMALL SLIM is the same size as the Decor ones you use in the kids lunchboxes.



I have created a few styles of covers that I suppose, can be added to or tweaked, depending on customer feedback. Feedback will determine what stays and what items are changed.

I did not want to just copy what others are making, I see so much ‘copycat’ fleece stuff these days – these are my covers that have taken me a week or so to design, create and make prototypes.

OK here we go:


This is a cover made from soft shell fleece – smooth and waterproof on the outside, with a thin plastic membrane in between the inner fleece and outer layers.

It’s thin, non breathable, and non stretchy.

These covers will have a velcro closure on one end.

order these here: ICE BRICK COVERS – Waterproof




This one is a simple bag with a velcro closure on one end – made from single layer polar fleece.

You could fill this with whatever icebricks or frozen gel packs you wanted, large or small, fold it over etc – versatile in size.






A single layer of polar fleece sewn to create a simple pocket that slips over the ice brick. The cover folds over itself, use front or back, very simple.

No velcro or closures.The coolness will come thru, but surface will remain dry for your pets. Polar fleece is quick to air dry too.


LARGE SLIM ICE BRICK: Pictured left to right – Softshell pocket (waterproof), Fleece pouch and Fleece sleeve in the Vikings fleece.


LARGE CHUNKY ICE BRICK: Pictured left to right – Softshell pocket (waterproof), Fleece pouch in Cacti fleece, and Fleece sleeve in the dark blue space fleece.


TO SUIT SMALL SLIM: Pictured left to right – Fleece bag with elastic closure, and a Fleece sleeve in Leopard or Dinosaurs.

Really simple to use, just slip the little bag over the brick, and pop it into the cage, carrier etc, easy.

This Esky block is the same size as the Decor ones for the kids lunchboxes. (Ideal for use in pet carriers etc)



Frozen bottle covers – I have decided to discontinue them, little interest last year.





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