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Lap pads/Cuddle mats – READYMADE


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created 20-12-2022

Lap pads/Cuddle mats – READYMADE

These are so versatile – they are made the same way as our FLEECE CAGE LINERS – fleece on top, absorbent cotton based layer in the middle, and fleece on the bottom.

They are reversible.Wash them in the machine, handwash, hose down outdoors – dry under cover as UV will degrade the fleece/polyester is plastic.

Ideal as a lap pad, carrier pad, car travel pad, couchtime pad, dinner placemat in the pet cage, – they all work the same.


NOTE: Guinea pigs do not always wee on you – if they do, the amount is small, so no real need for these to be waterproof. Liquids will not leak out thru the bottom. (Photo: Nic/GPA)


READYMADE 60X30CM LAP PADS $20.95ea, Buy two and save 10%



READYMADE 40X30CM LAP PADS  $18.95ea, Buy two and save 10%




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60X30 Lilypond/dk green, 60X30 Lilypond/navy, 60X30 Denim/pale grey, 40X30 ECO/GREY, 40X30 KNIGHTS/NAVY, 40×30 rainbow/pink, 40×30 rainbow/pink, 40×30 turtles/navy, 40×30 floral/purple, 40×30 whales/navy, 40×30 sushi/camel, 40×30 floral/purple, 40×30 whales/navy, 40×30 rainbow/grey, 40×30 rainbow/navy, 40×30 sushi/camel, 40×30 turtles/grey, 40×30 floral/grey, 40×30 turtles/navy, 40×30 whales/navy, 60×30 rona/red, 60×30 blue floral/blue, 60×30 hearts/blue, 60×30 hedgehog/mulberry