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Fleece liners for C&C cages – READYMADE


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READYMADE (premade) fleece liners for C&C

Here you’ll find READYMADE fleece cage liners for the C&C type cages/Kavee

(standard grids 35.5cm/9squares per grid)

Stocks will be added as I have them made.



It costs the same to buy them here, or to have them made in the fleece fabric of your choice from our website range.


The C&C liners are sized by NUMBER OF GRIDS LONG x NUMBER OF GRIDS WIDE ie. 4×2

To purchase, simply choose by the code number from the drop down box.

Each product has an inbuilt weight, so the postage can be calculated during checkout.

DISCOUNTS: If you purchase more than one of the same product type ie two liners, two cuddle sacks etc, you’ll receive a discount of 10% during checkout.

NOTE: We’ve made a small change – The inner absorbent layer is stitched securely all the way around on all liners, instead of just across the ends.

Deano fleece cage liners are reversible – they’ll work no matter which side is facing upwards. Easy to wash, quick to dry – and back into the cage.







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2X1 C&C + GAP "A", 2X1 C&C + GAP 'B', 2×1+gap Zigzag/yellow, 2×2 C&C black floral/black, C&C3X2 SPORTS/RED, C&C4x2 Bears/red, C&C 4×2 Checks/grey, C&C 4×2 Camo/grey, C&C4X2 TIEDYE/BLUE