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Cuddle Sack Medium – READYMADE


These Regular Cuddle Sacks are all Ready made

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  $ 21.95 each

Premade Cuddle Sack Choices

The photos below are of the actual finished items just waiting to be picked and posted!

All come with a hook so you can hang the bag low in the cage as a hidey house.

SIZE: Approx 30x30cm



NOTE – PHOTOS BELOW: Fleece is a bit stretchy, so sometimes the cuddlesacks look a little wonky when I photograph them. All are made from the same cutting template.

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It’s the same price to have them made in your choice of fabrics from our range.Go here to order one in the fabrics of your choice: Cuddle Sack


Protect your cuddle sack from little accidents – we have a set of potty pads, especially made to fit these cuddle sacks. Go here to find out more: PUDDLE PACKS



As the are sold, I will mark them as SOLD here on the photo gallery. If you click on a particular one, and the system says it has been sold, it is no longer available – please choose another.

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EXCEPTIONS: The 10% discount applies if you buy two cuddle sacks from the READYMADE range, or two as made to order – it will not apply if you buy one readymade, and another one made to order.



  STOCK BELOW – Cotton fabric outside, fleece inside


STOCK BELOW – Fleece inside and outside



24Deano Designs Perth Cuddle Sacks are the perfect creature comfort for your pet.

The opening of the Cuddle Sack has a boned rim to stay open – with a handy hook and loop – so you can hang it low in the cage for your pets to use as a hidey house.

Cuddle Sacks are useful for keeping your pet secure for cuddles without possible scratching or getting yourself covered in fur.

In a Regular sized Cuddle Sack you can fit a single Guinea Pig who likes to live a luxury life with loads of extra space to his or herself or two full grown Guinea Pigs who love to share – I’ve had numerous customers telling me how they often see two bottoms sticking out of the Cuddle Sack. A dwarf/young Rabbit or Ferret would also fit comfortably in a Regular sized Cuddle Sack.

3835887_origIf you need more space, I recommend ordering an XL sized Cuddle Sack, which fits a big Bunny, a group of Guinea Pigs, or a family of Ferrets. They are also suitable for rescued wildlife such as possums, gliders, young joeys and baby birds. Cuddle Sacks provide warmth and security during rehabilitation or everyday comfort.

Don’t want to wait for a Cuddle Sack to be made? Buy a Readymade one now! There is an extensive collection to choose from, ready to be posted today!

Cuddle Sacks are mostly used for the colder months but they can be used all year round. However if you would like something cooler for your pets in the hot season check out the Summer Sacks options, which are made with a combination of cotton and fleece.


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