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Squishy Bed


Each SQUISHY BED (with free potty pad) is made to order.

Choose TWO fleece fabrics – one for the outside, one for the inside

I will make the FREE potty pad a combination of the two fabrics for you.

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The Squishy Bed (with FREE potty pad)…

The Squishy bed is designed to be roomy, durable, and easy to clean.

The bed is big enough for 2-3 guinea pigs, a good sized bunny or two, or a bundle of ferrets.

This bed is not a typical style cuddle cup.

HOW IS IT DIFFERENT? This bed has both polyester wadding and absorbent core in the walls, so it won’t just fall down and collapse like some other beds on the market.

This bed can be used with our 30cm potty pads, or without – the idea of this bed it to make it easy to wash – just bung the whole thing into the machine! Line dry in the shade.

The walls and floor sections are securely double stitched together. It is not reversible.

It’s a squishy luxury that all furkids will enjoy. Pop in a small rug for extra snuggliness!


* Extra washable potty pads on the website for $12ea: Spare Potty Pads for our beds 

** Choose your two fleece colours/prints for the bed, and I’ll make the potty pad to match in those same fabrics.


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