Deano Designs Perth started in 2013 – and we’re about to turn TEN!!

From January 2023 we’ll be lending a hand to small pet rescues in Australia.


From January 2023 – We’ll donate $1.00 from every online order received thru our website.

As I did not get many rescues nominating themselves for this, I have decided to change the way it will operate.

Each order that comes thru the website, I will donate $1.00 to rescue

Instead of nominating a rescue and sending money each month like some other small businesses do – I will place the funds into a kitty – to be donated when the need arises.

A record will be kept here on this page, as to how much money has been sent to rescues.

A dollar might not seem like much – but when it’s needed, it can make a big difference to a rescue that finds itself short on funds to get the job done.

PLEASE NOTE: This is money I am donating from my own pocket, I have not asked for donations from anyone.


We will also offer random fundraising items from time to time -a FLASH FUNDRAISER!!
products will randomly go up for sale and the WHOLE AMOUNT, yes 100% paid will go to a rescue!
These will be posted on our FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM PAGES first, and you’ll get a couple of days notice.
They’ll be popular readymade items!

Rescue is hard work, it can be financially and emotionally draining – so we’re giving back to the community of people who care for the furbabies that need help –  to those that give so much of their own passion to make rescues work.


We are not the first small business that donates in a similar way – for many solo operators, it is a manageable way that we can offer to help.

Over the years, my handmade business has supplied products for raffles, fundraisers, quiz nights, and made cash donations when needed to help in a crisis to various rescue groups.

Everyone is feeling the pinch with inflation, covid is still causing drama, cost of materials has risen, grocery and food prices, vegetable prices, the rental crisis, and sadly as a result  – the amount of pets being surrendered or dumped has skyrocketed!

So we hope you’ll hop onto the journey with us – and perhaps pop your hand up to buy a fundraising item from time to time, just to top the coffers up somewhere it is desperately needed.


You will be able to see where our donations (CASH OR PRODUCTS) have been sent, there will be a record here.

We will make a list here of all the ones that get nominated for our support.




Please remember – this is my money I have donated from my own pocket,
I have not requested or taken donations from anyone for this venture.


11 DECEMBER 2022Grandpas Neonatal Rabbit Rescue – $50 donation via Paypal – Transaction ID: 83584873TW118415S

DECEMBER 2022Romeos Rabbit Rescue WA – Bundle of Deano products for the permanent and disabled fosters – 10ea 50×40 Senior softie mats, 4ea Medium Cuddle sacks, 6ea 60×30 Lap pads : RRP $535.00

JANUARY 2023Grandpas Neonatal Rabbit Rescue – RAFFLE CONTRIBUTIONS FOR FUNDRAISER: 1ea 120x60cm fleece cage liner, 2ea Medium Cuddle sacks, 1ea Deano Donut bed : RRP $186.00

JANUARY 2023 – South Australian Cavy Club – we’re now a club sponsor. 10ea Medium cuddle sacks – prizes for next five monthly cavy shows. (Better than a bag of wood shavings!) RRP $199.50

FEBRUARY 14 2023GOLD COAST GUINEA PIG RESCUE – Gofundme for a new vehicle after Alex had an accident $50 donation.

MARCH 30 2023FLASH FUNDRAISER for ROMEOS RABBIT RESCUE VETWORK APPEAL – We sold 13 cuddle sacks, and raised $259.01, 100% of the amount paid for products was donated.

AUGUST 2023 – Donation of fleece liners to GUINEA PIG HAVEN RRP $245.00 to help with the foster carers






If you’re a rescue that looking to have a raffle, fundraising event etc – and would like some Deano handmade products to include in the prizepool – just get in touch with us via email: [email protected] – and let us know the details of your event etc.