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Pet Carrier Liners


Each Deano PET CARRIER FLEECE LINER is made especially for you –

Choose TWO fleece fabric options from the list – these liners are reversible.

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These now have their own section – May 2018


Pet Carrier Liners

These are made the same way as other fleece cage liners and soaker pads –

top layer is fleece, middle is absorbent recycled cotton, then fleece on the bottom.


These liners will have TWO LAYERS of the absorbent cotton in between the fleece, so they’ll soak up even more liquid – for fluffy animals in a confined space, that’s important.

LOADS OF USES – You can even use it in the litter pan for bunnies and guinea pigs (works best under hay) – it’s absorbent, washable, and easy to clean.

WHY TWO ABSORBENT LAYERS INSIDE? Having two layers in the middle helps the liner be more rigid, and it will not simply fold up into the corner when your pet moves about in the carrier. The whole idea is for the liner to stay in place to absorb any liquids during the journey.

They’re perfect for your pet carriers or vet crates.



30X30CM, 30X35CM, 30X40CM, 30X45CM, 30X50CM, 30X55CM, 40X35CM, 40X40CM, 40X45CM, 40X50CM AND 40X55CM –

We can of course, make a custom size if you would like it. Just contact me for a quote.


As there are many pet carry crates on the market, both here in Australia and from overseas, I have made a range of sizes here that may be useful.



It’s fine to have the liner as a loose fit, a few cm up the sides will help any accidents be readily absorbed, poops will roll back down onto the liner instead of getting caught on the ledge.

In the winter time, some liner up the sides can protect small pets from cold drafts whilst in the carrier.





You can choose different colours for front (Fleece #1) and back (Fleece #2) from the dropdown menu. THIS ITEM IS REVERSIBLE, it will work with either side facing upwards.

NOT SURE WHICH SIZE YOU NEED – one easy way to see which size will be best, simply flip your carrier over and measure from underneath. It’s up to you how much liner you would like to come up the sides.

Other uses – these are so versatile – they can be used anywhere there might be a spill or leak.

For other pets like dogs, they can be used in the car, in the pram for dogs that do day trips!!

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30x30cm, 30x35cm, 30x40cm, 30x45cm, 30x50cm, 30x55cm, 40x35cm, 40x40cm, 40x45cm, 40x50cm, 40x55cm, 35x25cm