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Summer Sack


Each Summer Sack is made uniquely to your order.

Therefore to order a Summer Sack for your pet’s home, please select from the options below.

Select your choice in Cotton Fabric for the outside and Fleece Fabric for the inside.

If you would like to see images of the range of Fabrics, please use the Fleece Choices link above in the main menu.

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The Summer Sack is a summer version of the Sleepy Sack.

It has fleece on the inside, and either cotton or flannelette on the outside.

The rim is boned and stitched in to keep the sack open for easy entry and exit.





May 2021, we have introduced a set of PUDDLE PADS for our Cuddesacks and Sleepy/Summer sacks. It’s a set of 3.easycare, washable potty pads, in random prints/colours, for $19.95

To purchase: PUDDLE PACKS


This item is fully machine washable and easy care.

Ideal for younger ferrets, rats and smaller guinea pigs.

Size: 30cm x 25cm (opening on the long side)
Weight: 100g

Similar to our CUDDLE SACK but has square end.



NOTE: Adult sized animals might find this one a little small – I recommend a CUDDLE SACK instead as it’s bigger and can accommodate full grown guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits and ferrets.

Great as a lap-time bag, arvo snooze bag, cuddle time bag, or a hidey house that’s not too warm for the summer weather.

Additional information

Weight .100 kg
Cotton Fabric Outside

Bunny garden grey, Bunny watering, Chevron, Daisy black, Dinosaurs, Donuts pink, Floral, Gamer, Giraffe, Monstera, Owlie, Rabbit garden black, Sharks blue, Succulents, Superheroes, Tropical, Patchwork, Random GIRL, Space brown, Spiders, Random Boy

Fleece Fabric Inside

Bouquet, Burgundy, Dinosaurs, Dreamcatcher, Elephants, Fairies, Footy, Glamping, Grasshoppers, Grey, Hedgehogs Blue, Latte, Lizards, Llama yellow, Mermaids, Octopus, Pansies, Pizza, Planets, Reef, Safari, Scales green, Sportz, Sunny day, Trucks, Unicorns, Veggies, Vikings, Random boy, Random girl, Random, Navy, Red, Mid Blue, Bright Pink, Camel, Purple, Black, Orange, Chocolate, Forest, Yellow