Bonding Bags


Each BONDING BAG is made to order, just for you.

Choose the SIZE you would like.

Choose TWO FLEECE OPTIONS – one for the outside, one for the inside.

On both sizes, you can also opt for a big button to be added for $3.00 extra cost.

Note, straps are not adjustable.

* * Please take care to supervise children using strapped products around necks.

My son Dean, the perfect model lol!  Top pic is the medium size, lower pic is the large one.


These cute fleece bonding pouches are a great way to get acquainted with your new small pets.

By wearing a pouch close to your body, your small friends will become familiar with your smell, your voice, and your touch – all the while, being warmed by you, their new best friend!


My bonding pouches are fully  hand or machine washable.

Bonding pouches are very useful for young and timid animals, convalescing animals, or those animals that just like to be warm and snug really close to you.

MEDIUM: For adult rats, ferrets and smaller guinea pigs  – size  24x28cm wide


The MEDIUM bonding bags are made to allow liquids to run thru if your pet has a wee accident – this keeps your pet dry and comfortable, instead of sitting in a wet bag.

If you like the idea of a potty pad to use in these bags, our PUDDLE PACK for the Sleepy Sacks will fit these (The bags are the same size).

Its a set of 3 absorbent and washable potty pads, in random prints and colours. Order them here: PUDDLE PACKS


NEW: JAN 2018 – The BONDING BAG (large)

This bag is larger in size, ideal for bigger rabbits, or a pair of adult guinea pigs.

Can be made as a seasonal bag – It has double layer fleece for winter. It comes with a single webbing strap for around your neck. The big difference with this bag – it has an absorbent pad sewn into the base (for those little ‘accidents’).

Fully washable by hand or machine. SIZE: 42cm wide, 30cm tall, pad in base 27x18cm

COTTON COVER – Sure – If you would like cotton on the outside of the bag instead, simply email me with your selection once you place your order for the bags. I will disregard your fleece choice and go with the cotton choice.






– I have decided these are a simple yet practical design for me to make time and time again.

They are all handmade by me at my home workshop.

My bonding pouches will come complete with a simple webbing strap for around your neck – please always ensure you supervise children when using products with straps.

The pouch is designed to hang near your chest area, so if you sit down, it will be on your lap/knee. The pouch can also be worn under a jacket or similar if it’s really cold outside.

The top of the pouch is open to allow animals to breathe, there is no fiddly zips or clips.



ADD A BIG BUTTON: On BOTH sizes, there’s the option to have a simple 3cm plastic button sewn onto your pouch to close the top – this will prevent animals jumping or falling out, but allows airflow. Cost is $3.00 more per bag.



Weight N/A

Medium Wide (24cmx28cmW), Large (42x33cm)

Add a Button?

No, Yes!

Fleece Fabric Outside

Airmail, Balloon animals, Bees, Black, Blossoms, Blue dots, Bright Pink, Bubblegum, Bunnies peach, Camel, Camo, Chocolate, Crochet, Cupcakes, Daisy, Denim, Donuts white, Fantasy, Ferns, Flutter, Forest, Geometric grey, Grey, Mid Blue, Moo, Navy, Pansies, Paua, Paws multi, Purple, Random, Random boy, Random girl, Red, SMOOSH, Snowy trees, Tartan, Tiedye blue, Twilight, Undersea, Yellow

Fleece Fabric Inside

Airmail, Balloon animals, Bees, Black, Blossoms, Blue dots, Bright Pink, Bubblegum, Bunnies peach, Camel, Camo, Chocolate, Crochet, Cupcakes, Daisy, Denim, Donuts white, Fantasy, Ferns, Flutter, Forest, Geometric grey, Grey, Mid Blue, Moo, Navy, Pansies, Paua, Paws multi, Purple, Random, Random boy, Random girl, Red, Snowy trees, Tartan, Tiedye blue, Twilight, Undersea, Yellow


Richard Pepperell
Richard Pepperell
Arrived quickly. Quality product.
Taj Al-Thifairy
Taj Al-Thifairy
Always a great experience purchasing from Deano Designs, my guinea pigs absolutely love the soft beds and tunnels. They're easy to clean and come in such cute designs.
Georgia M
Georgia M
Definitely a return customer of Deano Designs. Robyn has been great to work with and communicates well and is happy to help with custom pieces. Would recommend to anyone in need of Guinea pig/ small animal bedding. I have my liners and accessories on rotation! 💕💕
Laura McCosker
Laura McCosker
I purchased 8x cage liners - these are fantastic products! I use them over VetBed and they keep my piggies so dry and comfortable. They have also cut back on my cleaning time. They fit the C&C cages with a tiny bit of overlap, which means hay/droppings can't fall down the sides and make a mess. The whole lot can be easily rolled up, taken outside, and shaken into a bin. They're heavy enough that they stay in place and don't need to be pegged to the side of the C&C cages like plain fleece, but also light enough that they're not a big load on my washing machine. Outdoors, they dry in a few hours and are ready for re-use. Very well-sewn compared to others I've tried, with quality fleece. Quick and fully trackable shipping across the country.
Lyn D'Ath
Lyn D'Ath
I'm very happy with my order that arrived today. Can't wait to see what my babies think. They love having a cleaned house every day. This will make my job so much easier. Robyn your products are so well made. Thankyou for you friendly, wonderful service.
Cuppa Kopi
Cuppa Kopi
Perfect every time. We were introduced to Deano Design Perth when we adopted our Guinea pigs from the Gold Coast Guinea Pigs Rescue. We had only ordered from here. Robyn is so accommodating and her products are the best in the market. Ignore the review from people that have not tried her products. If you have tried her products, you will definitely come back for more. Like most of us. Keep doing what you’re doing best, Robyn
Gus Jeanne
Gus Jeanne
These fleece liners by far the best investment you can make when having guinea pigs. Super absorbent and what blows me away the most is that when it comes time to wash them, after a spin dry they dry on the line in about half an hour. They make life so much easier come cage cleaning day. I only wish I knew how good they were when I first got my pigs. The owner is a lovely lady as well and also does pig grooming and is generous and not pushy with advice
Jessica Eke
Jessica Eke
I've been purchasing my guinea items from Deano for years, the very first items I got are STILL in perfect condition, not one loose thread and super absorbent. My guineas love their beds so much that I have to have multiple items in the cage, else there's a royal rumble over who gets the best seat in the house :)
Jane Z
Jane Z
Good products, and our first order lasted 6.5 years! On to the next set of liners...keeping our piggies dry and comfortable.